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Advertising & Marketing

Our patented Image QR codes redefine advertising, turning every pixel into a portal connecting consumers and brands with a simple scan. According to King Research, QR advertising was worth $26.6 billion in 2022 and will be worth $221.82 billion by 2030. Our technology brings a new dimension to your marketing strategies, enabling more immersive and interactive campaigns across various media as compared to our competitors like Flowcode.

From print to packaging, our Image QR codes guide users to online content and unlock a world of rich, on-demand information and exclusive promotions. Outdoor advertising reaches new heights as our Video QR codes turn static billboards into dynamic gateways to digital experiences.

At events, our codes transform how attendees interact offering unprecedented security and engagement to advertising material. Unlock new possibilities and potential for monetization with Image QR technology delivered by QRexchange™.

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Financial Transactions

QRexchange™ is revolutionizing financial transactions with QR codes that offer both privacy and end-to-end encrypted security. According to Business Insider, the QR payment market is worth $11.67 billion and projected to grow to $55.6 billion by the end of 2033. As the financial world moves towards more decentralized and contactless interactions, our patented QR technology is at the forefront, enabling instant, seamless transfers with just a scan.

Mashup QR codes go beyond standard payments, facilitating real-time peer-to-peer money exchanges without compromising security and data privacy. Embed them in invoices or display them at checkout points, and watch how they streamline the payment process, offering your customers a custom-tailored experience.

For businesses, our QR codes mean quick integration into existing systems with no necessary server infrastructure or data breach liability. For consumers, they represent the ultimate convenience in managing transactions with offline capabilities. Embrace the financial innovation of our Mashup QR code maker and transform your payment experience today.

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Our QR code generator is an indispensable tool designed to streamline production from start to finish in manufacturing settings. Our innovative secure technology integrates seamlessly into the manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency and offering unparalleled communication and quality control.

With QRexchange™ Mashup QR codes, inventory management becomes precise and effortless. Track raw materials, components, and finished goods in real time as they move through the supply chain. Each QR code carries essential data — production dates, specifications, and origins — ensuring every item is easily identified and managed.

Beyond tracking, our QR codes are instrumental in machine and equipment integration, serving as interactive touchpoints for maintenance, operation, and monitoring, paving the way for a new era of smart manufacturing, even in areas of limited connectivity. Mashup technology can enable unprecedented secure personalized communication between employees, improving productivity. Explore the future of QR code and transform your production landscape.

QRexchange Test Cases

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Super Mashup Market Coupon

Revolutionize your promotions with our Mashup QR code creator. Offer your customers more than savings; give them an interactive experience that connects them to your brand. With just a few taps, create a custom mobile coupon that brings your in-store promotions to life.

Mashup QR codes enable customers to exclusive discounts, additionally they can share their experience and your products on social networks like WhatsApp or Facebook, turning your deals into viral sensations.

Set up is simple: add a catchy title, a compelling description, and an eye-catching image, and our Innovative QR code generator does the rest. In moments, you'll have a scannable, shareable, and trackable QR code that delights customers and provides valuable insights into your campaign's performance.

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Mashup QR Code
ID Badge Key

Specifically tailored for high-security areas, our unique solution merges worker data with our patented Mashup code, creating a personalized access key that offers security and convenience.

This innovative application of our Mashup technology enables a single-step verification process, eliminating multiple scans and reducing entry time. Each worker's mobile device holds their unique Mashup key, ready to be scanned at access points to instantly verify identity and clearance level.

Embrace the future of secure access with QRexchange™. Our proprietary Mashup QR code technology is the perfect fit for companies seeking to strengthen security protocols while streamlining access. Keep your premises safe and enjoy peace of mind through technology that's both smart and user-friendly.

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Mashup QR
Concert Ticket Key

Elevate your event experience with our unique Mashup QR Concert Ticket Key. This system reimagines event entry by blending patented Mashup QR code technology with digital ticketing, providing attendees with secure and private access to live events.

Our Mashup QR Ticket Key simplifies entry, making lost or stolen tickets a thing of the past. With a quick scan from their mobile device, concert-goers enjoy instant access to their seats without the hassle of physical tickets.

Mashup QR code tickets are a gateway to personalized event experiences, unlocking tiered access and special offers tailored to the individual. Prepare for an encore-worthy entry process that expedites admissions and enhances security and personalization at every level.

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