Future-Ready QR Codes for the Modern Market

QR codes are pivotal in today's digital interactions, with 83.4 million scans in the U.S. in 2022 and growing, according to Business Insider. Despite their prevalence, many QR codes fall short on security and functionality. QRexchange™ LTD confronts this challenge, reinventing interactive QR codes to meet the demands of an evolving market.

Our innovation lies in our patented technology that strengthens security, increases storage, and enhances design. Unlike competitors who focus on tradition or superficial features, our approach uses local encryption and user freedom, delivering Mashup QR codes that are both secure and multifunctional.

We ensure data privacy with local storage solutions empowering users with QR codes that are one of a kind. As the market grows, QRexchange™ is at the forefront of innovation, offering QR code solutions ready for the future—fully secure, customizable, and designed to break from the mold.

Who Are We?

About QRExchange

QRexchange™ LTD is a dynamic Texas-based startup reshaping how we use and create QR codes. Our commitment is clear: deliver QR code solutions that enhance customization, elevate security, and expand the potential for monetization.

We're on a mission to reinvent QR technology, providing tools to protect users' information and privacy with decentralized encryption. Our vision is a future where QR codes empower individuals and businesses, offering control over data with every interaction.

Our proprietary software advances the market, setting new standards for how QR codes contribute to the advertising, communication, and financial sectors. Experience the next generation of QR innovation with us today.

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QRexchange(™) Blueprint: The Business of QR Evolution

Create Your Custom QR Code in 3 Simple Steps

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Iterated QR Codes

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Embedded QR Codes

3D QR Codes

Select Your QR Code

Begin by choosing a QR code demo that fits your purpose from our expansive selection. Whether it's for sharing a website, a document, or a social media profile, our platform accommodates your needs with secure URL encryption.

Customize Your Content

Enter your information through our user-friendly interface, choose a URL link, and the sky’s the limit for personalization. Our basic demo QR codes are free and offer the benefit of being non-editable and non-trackable, ensuring your security is never compromised.

Enter your website, text, or drop file here

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Upload any file (jpg. PDF. mp4. docx. pptx.)

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Download QR Code

Design and Download

Decide on the content for your given code, and let our generator download or get a glimpse of our new technology. Share it with friends, start a chain between two devices with our Embedded QR code, or get a glimpse at the features to come on the app. When you’re ready, download our demos and explore the endless creative possibilities for your marketing campaigns or personal ventures.

Discover the QRexchange(™) Advantage: A Visual Guide

Explore how our unique platform stands out with advanced QR code technology and patented features. Our explainer video guides you through the seamless creation and utilization of Video QR codes, showcasing how our cutting-edge features enrich your connections and elevate your interactive experiences.

Download Our App

The QRexchange(™) App Available to Your Mobile Toolkit

The QRexchange™ app, launching soon, brings a suite of powerful tools right to your fingertips. Designed for versatility and precision, our app elevates the average QR code generator beyond just scans — it becomes a gateway to a secure and personalized digital space.

Our app delivers the ability to craft custom QR codes with peace of mind, using our patented Bit-Wise Boolean Algorithm for top-tier encryption. Experience the clarity of pixel-perfect Image QR codes and connect with audiences through interactive and secure content.

Stay tuned for an immersive experience that redefines how you create, share, and manage QR codes.

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